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Filtering PC’s in China, and monitoring the filtering

June 17, 2009
_iceUrlFlag=1EFF reports “The Chinese Ministry of Industry and IT’s announcement that all PCs sold in China must include government-approved filtering software is a profoundly worrying development for online privacy and free speech in that country.”

The software called “Green Dam Youth Escort” would be able to “collect IM and email conversations, install keyloggers, relay microphone and webcam recordings. It could prevent or detect the use of web proxies (the primary method of Chinese citizens seeking an uncensored Internet), and scan for privacy-protecting software like Tor and PGP.”

“Herdict Web” – Berkman Center for Internet and Society’s  tool for “tracking global web (in)accessibility” is now available in Mandarin.

Not sure if this tool will be able to monitor the new filtering by PCs, but if Herdict Web itself is filtered, how will Chinese know what they are not getting access to?