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“Assessing the value of anonymous communication online”

April 6, 2012

PowerPoint and outline of recent invited talk, “Assessing the value of anonymous communication online” by Robert Bodle, PhD (USC), Associate Professor of Communication and New Media Studies, College of Mount St. Joseph.


  • “We are all Khaled Said” – anonymity as political freedom
  • Facebook wants anonymity to go away
    • real name only policy
    • sociotechnical design
    • culture and condition for sharing
  • fb’s arguments for upholding fixed user identity
    • safety
    • the civilizing effect
    • market incentives
  • double edged attributes of anonymity
    • prevents accountability
    • disinhibition
    • depersonalization
  • human rights dimensions of anonymity
    • privacy
    • freedom of assembly
    • freedom of expression
  • democratic freedoms and anonymous speech
    • tolerate offensive speech
    • free speech, free press
    • encourage uninhibited, robust and wide open speech
    • avoid elements of an authoritarian regime (Bollinger)
  • human rights and democratic freedoms online and offline/assert the conditions for sharing
    • pseudonyms
    • anonymous communication
    • privacy
    • freedom from surveillance