France’s HADOPI “three strikes” law rejected by Constitutional Council

hadopi-mortuaire-1 This law would have tilted the balance away from individuals rights to free expression and information and towards abusive industry enforcement of copyright “permission” or “clearance” culture online. Internet governance should address the balance between industry rights and public interest rights. The monitoring of users’ online activities for copyright violations and then the removal of their access to the Internet would have set a sad precedent for universal access to information and free expression, widely recognized as a fundamental human right. See “Council of Europe: Access To Internet Is A Fundamental Right”


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One Response to “France’s HADOPI “three strikes” law rejected by Constitutional Council”

  1. criticalinternetculture Says:

    “…a good example of the power of generative demonstration.”

    nice, Seltzer sees online protest contributing to the court’s decision utilzing democratic communication via the internet.

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